Package rbm

Reproducible Build Manager

Reproducible Build Manager (rbm) is a tool that helps you create and build
packages for multiple Linux distributions, and automate the parts that can be
automated. It includes options to run the build in a defined environment to
allow reproducing the build.

Version: 0.4

General Commands

rbm Packaging tool
rbm-build Build a package
rbm-deb Build a debian package
rbm-deb-src Create debian source package
rbm-fetch Fetch commits from remote git or mercurial repository
rbm-pkg Build a package
rbm-publish Publish some packages or files
rbm-rpm Build an rpm package
rbm-rpmspec Create a rpm spec file
rbm-showconf Show rbm configuration
rbm-srpm Create source rpm package
rbm-tar Create a tarball file
rbm-usage Open manual page for command


rbm_cli The rbm command line interface
rbm_config The rbm configuration
rbm_input_files rbm input files configuration
rbm_layout The layout of a rbm workspace
rbm_remote rbm remote build
rbm_steps rbm steps configuration
rbm_targets rbm targets configuration
rbm_templates A description of the rbm templates
rbm_tutorial A tutorial introduction to rbm