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Package rapidfuzz-cpp-devel

Development files for the RapidFuzz C++ library


RapidFuzz is a fast string matching library for Python and C++, which is using
the string similarity calculations from FuzzyWuzzy. However there are two
aspects that set RapidFuzz apart from FuzzyWuzzy:

1. It is MIT licensed so it can be used whichever License you might want to
   choose for your project, while you're forced to adopt the GPL license when
   using FuzzyWuzzy

2. It is mostly written in C++ and on top of this comes with a lot of
   Algorithmic improvements to make string matching even faster, while still
   providing the same results.

This is the C++ component of RapidFuzz, the Python library is available in the
python-rapidfuzz package.

Version: 2.2.3

Library Functions

rapidfuzz rapidfuzz