Package radare2

The reverse engineering framework

The radare2 is a reverse-engineering framework that is multi-architecture,
multi-platform, and highly scriptable. Radare2 provides a hexadecimal
editor, wrapped I/O, file system support, debugger support, diffing
between two functions or binaries, and code analysis at opcode,
basic block, and function levels.

Version: 5.8.8

General Commands

r2agent radare2 remoting manager TODO
r2pm radare2 package manager
rabin2 Binary program info extractor
radare2 Advanced command-line hexadecimal editor, disassembler and debugger
radiff2 unified binary diffing utility
rafind2 advanced command-line byte pattern search in files
ragg2 radare2 frontend for r_egg, compile programs into tiny binaries for x86-32/64 and arm.
rahash2 block based hashing utility
rarun2 radare2 utility to run programs in exotic environments
rasign2 radare2 zignature utility
rasm2 radare2 assembler and disassembler tool
ravc2 radare version control
rax2 radare base converter


esil Evaluable Strings Intermediate Language