Package rabbitmq-server

The RabbitMQ server

RabbitMQ is an implementation of AMQP, the emerging standard for high
performance enterprise messaging. The RabbitMQ server is a robust and
scalable implementation of an AMQP broker.

File Formats
File Description
rabbitmq-env.conf environment variables used by RabbitMQ server
System Administration
Command Description
rabbitmq-diagnostics RabbitMQ diagnostics, monitoring and health checks tools
rabbitmq-echopid returns the Windows process id of the Erlang runtime running RabbitMQ
rabbitmq-plugins command line tool for managing RabbitMQ plugins
rabbitmq-queues RabbitMQ queue management tools
rabbitmq-server starts a RabbitMQ node
rabbitmq-service tool for managing RabbitMQ Windows service
rabbitmq-upgrade RabbitMQ installation upgrade tools
rabbitmqctl tool for managing RabbitMQ nodes