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Library Functions
Library Function Description
QwtAbstractLegend Abstract base class for legend widgets.
QwtAbstractScale An abstract base class for widgets having a scale.
QwtAbstractScaleDraw A abstract base class for drawing scales.
QwtAbstractSeriesStore Bridge between QwtSeriesStore and QwtPlotSeriesItem.
QwtAbstractSlider An abstract base class for slider widgets with a scale.
QwtAlphaColorMap QwtAlphaColorMap varies the alpha value of a color.
QwtAnalogClock An analog clock.
QwtArraySeriesData Template class for data, that is organized as QVector.
QwtArrowButton Arrow Button.
QwtCPointerData Data class containing two pointers to memory blocks of doubles.
QwtClipper Some clipping algorithms.
QwtColorMap QwtColorMap is used to map values into colors.
QwtColumnRect Directed rectangle representing bounding rectangle and orientation of a column.
QwtColumnSymbol A drawing primitive for columns.
QwtCompass A Compass Widget.
QwtCompassMagnetNeedle A magnet needle for compass widgets.
QwtCompassRose Abstract base class for a compass rose.
QwtCompassScaleDraw A special scale draw made for QwtCompass.
QwtCompassWindArrow An indicator for the wind direction.
QwtCounter The Counter Widget.
QwtCurveFitter Abstract base class for a curve fitter.
QwtDate A collection of methods around date/time values.
QwtDateScaleDraw A class for drawing datetime scales.
QwtDateScaleEngine A scale engine for date/time values.
QwtDial QwtDial class provides a rounded range control.
QwtDialNeedle Base class for needles that can be used in a QwtDial.
QwtDialSimpleNeedle A needle for dial widgets.
QwtDynGridLayout The QwtDynGridLayout class lays out widgets in a grid, adjusting the number of...
QwtEventPattern A collection of event patterns.
QwtEventPattern_KeyPattern A pattern for key events.
QwtEventPattern_MousePattern A pattern for mouse events.
QwtGraphic A paint device for scalable graphics.
QwtInterval A class representing an interval.
QwtIntervalSample A sample of the types (x1-x2, y) or (x, y1-y2)
QwtIntervalSeriesData Interface for iterating over an array of intervals.
QwtIntervalSymbol A drawing primitive for displaying an interval like an error bar.
QwtKnob The Knob Widget.
QwtLegend The legend widget.
QwtLegendData Attributes of an entry on a legend.
QwtLegendLabel A widget representing something on a QwtLegend.
QwtLinearColorMap QwtLinearColorMap builds a color map from color stops.
QwtLinearScaleEngine A scale engine for linear scales.
QwtLogScaleEngine A scale engine for logarithmic scales.
QwtLogTransform Logarithmic transformation.
QwtMagnifier QwtMagnifier provides zooming, by magnifying in steps.
QwtMathMLTextEngine Text Engine for the MathML renderer of the Qt solutions package.
QwtMatrixRasterData A class representing a matrix of values as raster data.
QwtNullPaintDevice A null paint device doing nothing.
QwtNullTransform Null transformation.
QwtOHLCSample Open-High-Low-Close sample used in financial charts.
QwtPainter A collection of QPainter workarounds.
QwtPanner QwtPanner provides panning of a widget.
QwtPicker QwtPicker provides selections on a widget.
QwtPickerClickPointMachine A state machine for point selections.
QwtPickerClickRectMachine A state machine for rectangle selections.
QwtPickerDragLineMachine A state machine for line selections.
QwtPickerDragPointMachine A state machine for point selections.
QwtPickerDragRectMachine A state machine for rectangle selections.
QwtPickerMachine A state machine for QwtPicker selections.
QwtPickerPolygonMachine A state machine for polygon selections.
QwtPickerTrackerMachine A state machine for indicating mouse movements.
QwtPixelMatrix A bit field corresponding to the pixels of a rectangle.
QwtPlainTextEngine A text engine for plain texts.
QwtPlot A 2-D plotting widget.
QwtPlotAbstractBarChart Abstract base class for bar chart items.
QwtPlotBarChart QwtPlotBarChart displays a series of a values as bars.
QwtPlotCanvas Canvas of a QwtPlot.
QwtPlotCurve A plot item, that represents a series of points.
QwtPlotDict A dictionary for plot items.
QwtPlotDirectPainter Painter object trying to paint incrementally.
QwtPlotGLCanvas An alternative canvas for a QwtPlot derived from QGLWidget.
QwtPlotGrid A class which draws a coordinate grid.
QwtPlotHistogram QwtPlotHistogram represents a series of samples, where an interval is associated...
QwtPlotIntervalCurve QwtPlotIntervalCurve represents a series of samples, where each value is...
QwtPlotItem Base class for items on the plot canvas.
QwtPlotLayout Layout engine for QwtPlot.
QwtPlotLegendItem A class which draws a legend inside the plot canvas.
QwtPlotMagnifier QwtPlotMagnifier provides zooming, by magnifying in steps.
QwtPlotMarker A class for drawing markers.
QwtPlotMultiBarChart QwtPlotMultiBarChart displays a series of a samples that consist each of a set...
QwtPlotPanner QwtPlotPanner provides panning of a plot canvas.
QwtPlotPicker QwtPlotPicker provides selections on a plot canvas.
QwtPlotRasterItem A class, which displays raster data.
QwtPlotRenderer Renderer for exporting a plot to a document, a printer or anything else, that is...
QwtPlotRescaler QwtPlotRescaler takes care of fixed aspect ratios for plot scales.
QwtPlotScaleItem A class which draws a scale inside the plot canvas.
QwtPlotSeriesItem Base class for plot items representing a series of samples.
QwtPlotShapeItem A plot item, which displays any graphical shape, that can be defined by a...
QwtPlotSpectroCurve Curve that displays 3D points as dots, where the z coordinate is mapped to a...
QwtPlotSpectrogram A plot item, which displays a spectrogram.
QwtPlotSvgItem A plot item, which displays data in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format.
QwtPlotTextLabel A plot item, which displays a text label.
QwtPlotTradingCurve QwtPlotTradingCurve illustrates movements in the price of a financial instrument...
QwtPlotZoneItem A plot item, which displays a zone.
QwtPlotZoomer QwtPlotZoomer provides stacked zooming for a plot widget.
QwtPoint3D QwtPoint3D class defines a 3D point in double coordinates.
QwtPoint3DSeriesData Interface for iterating over an array of 3D points.
QwtPointArrayData Interface for iterating over two QVector<double> objects.
QwtPointMapper A helper class for translating a series of points.
QwtPointPolar A point in polar coordinates.
QwtPointSeriesData Interface for iterating over an array of points.
QwtPowerTransform A transformation using pow()
QwtRasterData QwtRasterData defines an interface to any type of raster data.
QwtRichTextEngine A text engine for Qt rich texts.
QwtRoundScaleDraw A class for drawing round scales.
QwtSamplingThread A thread collecting samples at regular intervals.
QwtScaleArithmetic Arithmetic including a tolerance.
QwtScaleDiv A class representing a scale division.
QwtScaleDraw A class for drawing scales.
QwtScaleEngine Base class for scale engines.
QwtScaleMap A scale map.
QwtScaleWidget A Widget which contains a scale.
QwtSeriesData Abstract interface for iterating over samples.
QwtSeriesStore Class storing a QwtSeriesData object.
QwtSetSample A sample of the types (x1...xn, y) or (x, y1..yn)
QwtSetSeriesData Interface for iterating over an array of samples.
QwtSimpleCompassRose A simple rose for QwtCompass.
QwtSlider The Slider Widget.
QwtSpline A class for spline interpolation.
QwtSplineCurveFitter A curve fitter using cubic splines.
QwtSymbol A class for drawing symbols.
QwtSyntheticPointData Synthetic point data.
QwtSystemClock QwtSystemClock provides high resolution clock time functions.
QwtText A class representing a text.
QwtTextEngine Abstract base class for rendering text strings.
QwtTextLabel A Widget which displays a QwtText.
QwtThermo The Thermometer Widget.
QwtTransform A transformation between coordinate systems.
QwtWeedingCurveFitter A curve fitter implementing Douglas and Peucker algorithm.
QwtWheel The Wheel Widget.
QwtWidgetOverlay An overlay for a widget.
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