Package qucs

Circuit simulator

Qucs is a circuit simulator with graphical user interface. The
software aims to support all kinds of circuit simulation types,
e.g. DC, AC, S-parameter and harmonic balance analysis.

Version: 0.0.20~rc2

See also: qucs-s.

General Commands

ps2sp manual page for ps2sp version 4.14
qucs An integrated electronic circuit simulator.
qucsactivefilter A filter synthesis application.
qucsator An integrated electronic circuit simulator.
qucsattenuator An attenuator synthesis application.
qucsconv Command line tool for data conversion.
qucsfilter A filter synthesis application.
qucslib A component library manager for Qucs.
qucspowercombining A power combiner synthesis tool.
qucstrans A transmission line calculator.
qucsveri A wrapper script for digital simulations.