Package qt3-devel-docs

Documentation for the Qt 3 GUI toolkit

The qt3-devel-docs package contains the man pages, the HTML documentation and
example programs for Qt 3.

General Commands
Command Description
lrelease generate Qt message files from Qt Linguist translation files
lupdate update Qt Linguist translation files
moc generate Qt meta object support code
uic Qt user interface compiler
Library Functions
Library Function Description
qaccel.3qt Handles keyboard accelerator and shortcut keys
qaccessible.3qt Enums and static functions relating to accessibility
qaccessibleinterface.3qt Defines an interface that exposes information about accessible objects
qaccessibleobject.3qt Implements parts of the QAccessibleInterface for QObjects
qaction.3qt Abstract user interface action that can appear both in menus and tool bars
qactiongroup.3qt Groups actions together
qapplication.3qt Manages the GUI application's control flow and main settings
qasciicache.3qt Template class that provides a cache based on char* keys
qasciicacheiterator.3qt Iterator for QAsciiCache collections
qasciidict.3qt Template class that provides a dictionary based on char* keys
qasciidictiterator.3qt Iterator for QAsciiDict collections
qassistantclient.3qt Means of using Qt Assistant as an application's help tool
qaxaggregated.3qt Abstract base class for implementations of additional COM interfaces
qaxbase.3qt Abstract class that provides an API to initalize and access a COM object
qaxbindable.3qt Interface between a QWidget and an ActiveX client
qaxfactory.3qt Defines a factory for the creation of COM components
qaxobject.3qt QObject that wraps a COM object
qaxscript.3qt Wrapper around script code
qaxscriptengine.3qt Wrapper around a script engine
qaxscriptmanager.3qt Bridge between application objects and script code
qaxwidget.3qt QWidget that wraps an ActiveX control
qbig5codec.3qt Conversion to and from the Big5 encoding
qbig5hkscscodec.3qt Conversion to and from the Big5-HKSCS encoding
qbitarray.3qt Array of bits
qbitmap.3qt Monochrome (1-bit depth) pixmaps
qbitval.3qt Internal class, used with QBitArray
qboxlayout.3qt Lines up child widgets horizontally or vertically
qbrush.3qt Defines the fill pattern of shapes drawn by a QPainter
qbuffer.3qt I/O device that operates on a QByteArray
qbutton.3qt The abstract base class of button widgets, providing functionality common to...
qbuttongroup.3qt Organizes QButton widgets in a group
qbytearray.3qt Array of bytes
qcache.3qt Template class that provides a cache based on QString keys
qcacheiterator.3qt Iterator for QCache collections
qcanvas.3qt 2D area that can contain QCanvasItem objects
qcanvasellipse.3qt Ellipse or ellipse segment on a QCanvas
qcanvasitem.3qt Abstract graphic object on a QCanvas
qcanvasitemlist.3qt List of QCanvasItems
qcanvasline.3qt Line on a QCanvas
qcanvaspixmap.3qt Pixmaps for QCanvasSprites
qcanvaspixmaparray.3qt Array of QCanvasPixmaps
qcanvaspolygon.3qt Polygon on a QCanvas
qcanvaspolygonalitem.3qt Polygonal canvas item on a QCanvas
qcanvasrectangle.3qt Rectangle on a QCanvas
qcanvasspline.3qt Multi-bezier splines on a QCanvas
qcanvassprite.3qt Animated canvas item on a QCanvas
qcanvastext.3qt Text object on a QCanvas
qcanvasview.3qt On-screen view of a QCanvas
qcdestyle.3qt CDE look and feel
qchar.3qt Lightweight Unicode character
qcharref.3qt Helper class for QString
qcheckbox.3qt Checkbox with a text label
qchecklistitem.3qt Checkable list view items
qchecktableitem.3qt Checkboxes in QTables
qchildevent.3qt Event parameters for child object events
qclipboard.3qt Access to the window system clipboard
qcloseevent.3qt Parameters that describe a close event
qcolor.3qt Colors based on RGB or HSV values
qcolordialog.3qt Dialog widget for specifying colors
qcolordrag.3qt Drag and drop object for transferring colors
qcolorgroup.3qt Group of widget colors
qcombobox.3qt Combined button and popup list
qcombotableitem.3qt Means of using comboboxes in QTables
qcommonstyle.3qt Encapsulates the common Look and Feel of a GUI
qconststring.3qt String objects using constant Unicode data
qcontextmenuevent.3qt Parameters that describe a context menu event
qcopchannel.3qt Communication capabilities between several clients
qcstring.3qt Abstraction of the classic C zero-terminated char array (char *)
qcursor.3qt Mouse cursor with an arbitrary shape
qcustomevent.3qt Support for custom events
qcustommenuitem.3qt Abstract base class for custom menu items in popup menus
qdatabrowser.3qt Data manipulation and navigation for data entry forms
qdatastream.3qt Serialization of binary data to a QIODevice
qdatatable.3qt Flexible SQL table widget that supports browsing and editing
qdataview.3qt Read-only SQL forms
qdate.3qt Date functions
qdateedit.3qt Date editor
qdatetime.3qt Date and time functions
qdatetimeedit.3qt Combines a QDateEdit and QTimeEdit widget into a single widget for editing...
qdatetimeeditbase.3qt Abstraction for date and edit editors
qdeepcopy.3qt Template class which ensures that
qdesktopwidget.3qt Access to screen information on multi-head systems
qdial.3qt Rounded range control (like a speedometer or potentiometer)
qdialog.3qt The base class of dialog windows
qdict.3qt Template class that provides a dictionary based on QString keys
qdictiterator.3qt Iterator for QDict collections
qdir.3qt Access to directory structures and their contents in a platform-independent way
qdirectpainter.3qt Direct access to the video hardware
qdns.3qt Asynchronous DNS lookups
qdockarea.3qt Manages and lays out QDockWindows
qdockwindow.3qt Widget which can be docked inside a QDockArea or floated as a top level window...
qdomattr.3qt Represents one attribute of a QDomElement
qdomcdatasection.3qt Represents an XML CDATA section
qdomcharacterdata.3qt Represents a generic string in the DOM
qdomcomment.3qt Represents an XML comment
qdomdocument.3qt Represents an XML document
qdomdocumentfragment.3qt Tree of QDomNodes which is not usually a complete QDomDocument
qdomdocumenttype.3qt The representation of the DTD in the document tree
qdomelement.3qt Represents one element in the DOM tree
qdomentity.3qt Represents an XML entity
qdomentityreference.3qt Represents an XML entity reference
qdomimplementation.3qt Information about the features of the DOM implementation
qdomnamednodemap.3qt Collection of nodes that can be accessed by name
qdomnode.3qt The base class for all the nodes in a DOM tree
qdomnodelist.3qt List of QDomNode objects
qdomnotation.3qt Represents an XML notation
qdomprocessinginstruction.3qt Represents an XML processing instruction
qdomtext.3qt Represents text data in the parsed XML document
qdoublevalidator.3qt Range checking of floating-point numbers
qdragenterevent.3qt Event which is sent to the widget when a drag and drop first drags onto the...
qdragleaveevent.3qt Event which is sent to the widget when a drag and drop leaves the widget
qdragmoveevent.3qt Event which is sent while a drag and drop is in progress
qdragobject.3qt Encapsulates MIME-based data transfer
qdropevent.3qt Event which is sent when a drag and drop is completed
qeditorfactory.3qt Used to create editor widgets for QVariant data types
qerrormessage.3qt Error message display dialog
qeucjpcodec.3qt Conversion to and from EUC-JP character sets
qeuckrcodec.3qt Conversion to and from EUC-KR character sets
qevent.3qt The base class of all event classes. Event objects contain event parameters
qeventloop.3qt Manages the event queue
qfile.3qt I/O device that operates on files
qfiledialog.3qt Dialogs that allow users to select files or directories
qfileiconprovider.3qt Icons for QFileDialog to use
qfileinfo.3qt System-independent file information
qfilepreview.3qt File previewing in QFileDialog
qfocusdata.3qt Maintains the list of widgets in the focus chain
qfocusevent.3qt Event parameters for widget focus events
qfont.3qt Font used for drawing text
qfontdatabase.3qt Information about the fonts available in the underlying window system
qfontdialog.3qt Dialog widget for selecting a font
qfontinfo.3qt General information about fonts
qfontmanager.3qt Implements font management in Qt/Embedded
qfontmetrics.3qt Font metrics information
qframe.3qt The base class of widgets that can have a frame
qftp.3qt Implementation of the FTP protocol
qgb18030codec.3qt Conversion to and from the Chinese GB18030/GBK/GB2312 encoding
qgb2312codec.3qt Conversion to and from the Chinese GB2312 encoding
qgbkcodec.3qt Conversion to and from the Chinese GBK encoding
qgfxdriverfactory.3qt Creates QScreen objects for Qt/Embedded
qgfxdriverplugin.3qt Abstract base for Qt/Embedded graphics driver plugins
qgl.3qt Namespace for miscellaneous identifiers in the Qt OpenGL module
qglayoutiterator.3qt Abstract base class of internal layout iterators
qglcolormap.3qt Used for installing custom colormaps into QGLWidgets
qglcontext.3qt Encapsulates an OpenGL rendering context
qglformat.3qt The display format of an OpenGL rendering context
qglwidget.3qt Widget for rendering OpenGL graphics
qgrid.3qt Simple geometry management of its children
qgridlayout.3qt Lays out widgets in a grid
qgridview.3qt Abstract base for fixed-size grids
qgroupbox.3qt Group box frame with a title
qguardedptr.3qt Template class that provides guarded pointers to QObjects
qhbox.3qt Horizontal geometry management for its child widgets
qhboxlayout.3qt Lines up widgets horizontally
qhbuttongroup.3qt Organizes QButton widgets in a group with one horizontal row
qheader.3qt Header row or column, e.g. for tables and listviews
qhebrewcodec.3qt Conversion to and from visually ordered Hebrew
qhgroupbox.3qt Organizes widgets in a group with one horizontal row
qhideevent.3qt Event which is sent after a widget is hidden
qhostaddress.3qt IP address
qhttp.3qt Implementation of the HTTP protocol
qhttpheader.3qt Header information for HTTP
qhttprequestheader.3qt Request header information for HTTP
qhttpresponseheader.3qt Response header information for HTTP
qicondrag.3qt Supports drag and drop operations within a QIconView
qicondragevent.3qt Signals that a main icon drag has begun
qicondragitem.3qt Encapsulates a drag item
qiconfactory.3qt Used to create pixmaps for a QIconSet
qiconset.3qt Set of icons with different styles and sizes
qiconview.3qt Area with movable labelled icons
qiconviewitem.3qt Single item in a QIconView
qimage.3qt Hardware-independent pixmap representation with direct access to the pixel data
qimageconsumer.3qt Abstraction used by QImageDecoder
qimagedecoder.3qt Incremental image decoder for all supported image formats
qimagedrag.3qt Drag and drop object for transferring images
qimageformat.3qt Incremental image decoder for a specific image format
qimageformatplugin.3qt Abstract base for custom image format plugins
qimageformattype.3qt Factory that makes QImageFormat objects
qimageio.3qt Parameters for loading and saving images
qimevent.3qt Parameters for input method events
qinputdialog.3qt Simple convenience dialog to get a single value from the user
qintcache.3qt Template class that provides a cache based on long keys
qintcacheiterator.3qt Iterator for QIntCache collections
qintdict.3qt Template class that provides a dictionary based on long keys
qintdictiterator.3qt Iterator for QIntDict collections
qintvalidator.3qt Validator which ensures that a string contains a valid integer within a...
qiodevice.3qt The base class of I/O devices
qjiscodec.3qt Conversion to and from JIS character sets
qkbddriverfactory.3qt Creates QWSKeyboardHandler objects for Qt/Embedded
qkbddriverplugin.3qt Abstract base for Qt/Embedded keyboard driver plugins
qkeyevent.3qt Describes a key event
qkeysequence.3qt Encapsulates a key sequence as used by accelerators
qlabel.3qt Text or image display
qlayout.3qt The base class of geometry managers
qlayoutitem.3qt Abstract item that a QLayout manipulates
qlayoutiterator.3qt Iterators over QLayoutItem
qlcdnumber.3qt Displays a number with LCD-like digits
qlibrary.3qt Wrapper for handling shared libraries
qlineedit.3qt One-line text editor
qlistbox.3qt List of selectable, read-only items
qlistboxitem.3qt The base class of all list box items
qlistboxpixmap.3qt List box items with a pixmap and optional text
qlistboxtext.3qt List box items that display text
qlistview.3qt Implements a list/tree view
qlistviewitem.3qt Implements a list view item
qlistviewitemiterator.3qt Iterator for collections of QListViewItems
qlocale.3qt Converts between numbers and their string representations in various languages
qlocalfs.3qt Implementation of a QNetworkProtocol that works on the local file system
qmacmime.3qt Maps open-standard MIME to Mac flavors
qmacstyle.3qt Implements an Appearance Manager style
qmainwindow.3qt Main application window, with a menu bar, dock windows (e.g. for toolbars), and...
qmap.3qt Value-based template class that provides a dictionary
qmapconstiterator.3qt Iterator for QMap
qmapiterator.3qt Iterator for QMap
qmemarray.3qt Template class that provides arrays of simple types
qmenubar.3qt Horizontal menu bar
qmenudata.3qt Base class for QMenuBar and QPopupMenu
qmessagebox.3qt Modal dialog with a short message, an icon, and some buttons
qmetaobject.3qt Meta information about Qt objects
qmetaproperty.3qt Stores meta data about a property
qmimesource.3qt Abstraction of objects which provide formatted data of a certain MIME type
qmimesourcefactory.3qt Extensible provider of mime-typed data
qmotif.3qt The basis of the
qmotifdialog.3qt The QDialog API for Motif-based dialogs
qmotifplusstyle.3qt More sophisticated Motif-ish look and feel
qmotifstyle.3qt Motif look and feel
qmotifwidget.3qt The QWidget API for Xt/Motif widgets
qmousedriverfactory.3qt Creates QWSMouseHandler objects for Qt/Embedded
qmousedriverplugin.3qt Abstract base for Qt/Embedded mouse driver plugins
qmouseevent.3qt Parameters that describe a mouse event
qmoveevent.3qt Event parameters for move events
qmovie.3qt Incremental loading of animations or images, signalling as it progresses
qmutex.3qt Access serialization between threads
qmutexlocker.3qt Simplifies locking and unlocking QMutexes
qnetworkoperation.3qt Common operations for network protocols
qnetworkprotocol.3qt Common API for network protocols
qnpinstance.3qt QObject that is a web browser plugin
qnplugin.3qt The main factory for plugin objects
qnpstream.3qt Stream of data provided to a QNPInstance by the browser
qnpwidget.3qt QWidget that is a web browser plugin window
qobject.3qt The base class of all Qt objects
qobjectcleanuphandler.3qt Watches the lifetime of multiple QObjects
qobjectlist.3qt QPtrList of QObjects
qobjectlistiterator.3qt Iterator for QObjectLists
qpaintdevice.3qt The base class of objects that can be painted
qpaintdevicemetrics.3qt Information about a paint device
qpainter.3qt Does low-level painting e.g. on widgets
qpaintevent.3qt Event parameters for paint events
qpair.3qt Value-based template class that provides a pair of elements
qpalette.3qt Color groups for each widget state
qpen.3qt Defines how a QPainter should draw lines and outlines of shapes
qpicture.3qt Paint device that records and replays QPainter commands
qpixmap.3qt Off-screen, pixel-based paint device
qpixmapcache.3qt Application-global cache for pixmaps
qplatinumstyle.3qt Mac/Platinum look and feel
qpngimagepacker.3qt Creates well-compressed PNG animations
qpoint.3qt Defines a point in the plane
qpointarray.3qt Array of points
qpopupmenu.3qt Popup menu widget
qprinter.3qt Paint device that paints on a printer
qprocess.3qt Used to start external programs and to communicate with them
qprogressbar.3qt Horizontal progress bar
qprogressdialog.3qt Feedback on the progress of a slow operation
qptrcollection.3qt The base class of most pointer-based Qt collections
qptrdict.3qt Template class that provides a dictionary based on void* keys
qptrdictiterator.3qt Iterator for QPtrDict collections
qptrlist.3qt Template class that provides a list
qptrlistiterator.3qt Iterator for QPtrList collections
qptrqueue.3qt Template class that provides a queue
qptrstack.3qt Template class that provides a stack
qptrvector.3qt Template collection class that provides a vector (array)
qpushbutton.3qt Command button
qradiobutton.3qt Radio button with a text or pixmap label
qrangecontrol.3qt Integer value within a range
qrect.3qt Defines a rectangle in the plane
qregexp.3qt Pattern matching using regular expressions
qregexpvalidator.3qt Used to check a string against a
qregion.3qt Clip region for a painter
qresizeevent.3qt Event parameters for resize events
qscreen.3qt And its descendants manage the framebuffer and palette
qscrollbar.3qt Vertical or horizontal scroll bar
qscrollview.3qt Scrolling area with on-demand scroll bars
qsemaphore.3qt Robust integer semaphore
qserversocket.3qt TCP-based server
qsessionmanager.3qt Access to the session manager
qsettings.3qt Persistent platform-independent application settings
qsgistyle.3qt SGI/Irix look and feel
qshowevent.3qt Event which is sent when a widget is shown
qsignal.3qt Can be used to send signals for classes that don't inherit QObject
qsignalmapper.3qt Bundles signals from identifiable senders
qsimplerichtext.3qt Small displayable piece of rich text
qsize.3qt Defines the size of a two-dimensional object
qsizegrip.3qt Corner-grip for resizing a top-level window
qsizepolicy.3qt Layout attribute describing horizontal and vertical resizing policy
qsjiscodec.3qt Conversion to and from Shift-JIS
qslider.3qt Vertical or horizontal slider
qsocket.3qt Buffered TCP connection
qsocketdevice.3qt Platform-independent low-level socket API
qsocketnotifier.3qt Support for socket callbacks
qsound.3qt Access to the platform audio facilities
qspaceritem.3qt Blank space in a layout
qspinbox.3qt Spin box widget (spin button)
qsplashscreen.3qt Splash screen that can be shown during application startup
qsplitter.3qt Implements a splitter widget
qsql.3qt Namespace for Qt SQL identifiers that need to be global-like
qsqlcursor.3qt Browsing and editing of SQL tables and views
qsqldatabase.3qt Used to create SQL database connections and to provide transaction handling
qsqldriver.3qt Abstract base class for accessing SQL databases
qsqldriverplugin.3qt Abstract base for custom QSqlDriver plugins
qsqleditorfactory.3qt Used to create the editors used by QDataTable and QSqlForm
qsqlerror.3qt SQL database error information
qsqlfield.3qt Manipulates the fields in SQL database tables and views
qsqlfieldinfo.3qt Stores meta data associated with a SQL field
qsqlform.3qt Creates and manages data entry forms tied to SQL databases
qsqlindex.3qt Functions to manipulate and describe QSqlCursor and QSqlDatabase indexes
qsqlpropertymap.3qt Used to map widgets to SQL fields
qsqlquery.3qt Means of executing and manipulating SQL statements
qsqlrecord.3qt Encapsulates a database record, i.e. a set of database fields
qsqlrecordinfo.3qt Encapsulates a set of database field meta data
qsqlresult.3qt Abstract interface for accessing data from SQL databases
qsqlselectcursor.3qt Browsing of general SQL SELECT statements
qstatusbar.3qt Horizontal bar suitable for presenting status information
qstoreddrag.3qt Simple stored-value drag object for arbitrary MIME data
qstrilist.3qt Doubly-linked list of char* with case-insensitive comparison
qstring.3qt Abstraction of Unicode text and the classic C '\0'-terminated char array
qstringlist.3qt List of strings
qstrlist.3qt Doubly-linked list of char*
qstrlistiterator.3qt Iterator for the QStrList and QStrIList classes
qstyle.3qt The look and feel of a GUI
qstylefactory.3qt Creates QStyle objects
qstyleoption.3qt Optional parameters for QStyle functions
qstyleplugin.3qt Abstract base for custom QStyle plugins
qstylesheet.3qt Collection of styles for rich text rendering and a generator of tags
qstylesheetitem.3qt Encapsulation of a set of text styles
qsyntaxhighlighter.3qt Base class for implementing QTextEdit syntax highlighters
qt.3qt Namespace for miscellaneous identifiers that need to be global-like
qtab.3qt The structures in a QTabBar
qtabbar.3qt Tab bar, e.g. for use in tabbed dialogs
qtabdialog.3qt Stack of tabbed widgets
qtable.3qt Flexible editable table widget
qtableitem.3qt The cell content for QTable cells
qtableselection.3qt Access to a selected area in a QTable
qtabletevent.3qt Parameters that describe a Tablet event
qtabwidget.3qt Stack of tabbed widgets
qtextbrowser.3qt Rich text browser with hypertext navigation
qtextcodec.3qt Conversion between text encodings
qtextcodecplugin.3qt Abstract base for custom QTextCodec plugins
qtextdecoder.3qt State-based decoder
qtextdrag.3qt Drag and drop object for transferring plain and Unicode text
qtextedit.3qt Powerful single-page rich text editor
qtextencoder.3qt State-based encoder
qtextistream.3qt Convenience class for input streams
qtextostream.3qt Convenience class for output streams
qtextstream.3qt Basic functions for reading and writing text using a QIODevice
qthread.3qt Platform-independent threads
qthreadstorage.3qt Per-thread data storage
qtime.3qt Clock time functions
qtimeedit.3qt Time editor
qtimer.3qt Timer signals and single-shot timers
qtimerevent.3qt Parameters that describe a timer event
qtoolbar.3qt Movable panel containing widgets such as tool buttons
qtoolbox.3qt Column of tabbed widget items
qtoolbutton.3qt Quick-access button to commands or options, usually used inside a QToolBar
qtooltip.3qt Tool tips (balloon help) for any widget or rectangular part of a widget
qtooltipgroup.3qt Collects tool tips into related groups
qtranslatormessage.3qt Translator message and its properties
qtsciicodec.3qt Conversion to and from the Tamil TSCII encoding
quridrag.3qt Drag object for a list of URI references
qurl.3qt URL parser and simplifies working with URLs
qurlinfo.3qt Stores information about URLs
qurloperator.3qt Common operations on URLs
quuid.3qt Defines a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)
qvalidator.3qt Validation of input text
qvaluelist.3qt Value-based template class that provides lists
qvaluelistconstiterator.3qt Const iterator for QValueList
qvaluelistiterator.3qt Iterator for QValueList
qvaluestack.3qt Value-based template class that provides a stack
qvaluevector.3qt Value-based template class that provides a dynamic array
qvariant.3qt Acts like a union for the most common Qt data types
qvbox.3qt Vertical geometry management of its child widgets
qvboxlayout.3qt Lines up widgets vertically
qvbuttongroup.3qt Organizes QButton widgets in a vertical column
qvgroupbox.3qt Organizes a group of widgets in a vertical column
qwaitcondition.3qt Allows waiting/waking for conditions between threads
qwhatsthis.3qt Simple description of any widget, i.e. answering the question "What's this?"
qwheelevent.3qt Parameters that describe a wheel event
qwidget.3qt The base class of all user interface objects
qwidgetfactory.3qt For the dynamic creation of widgets from Qt Designer .ui files
qwidgetitem.3qt Layout item that represents a widget
qwidgetplugin.3qt Abstract base for custom QWidget plugins
qwidgetstack.3qt Stack of widgets of which only the top widget is user-visible
qwindowsmime.3qt Maps open-standard MIME to Window Clipboard formats
qwindowsstyle.3qt Microsoft Windows-like look and feel
qwizard.3qt Framework for wizard dialogs
qwmatrix.3qt 2D transformations of a coordinate system
qworkspace.3qt Workspace window that can contain decorated windows, e.g. for MDI
qwsdecoration.3qt Allows the appearance of the Qt/Embedded Window Manager to be customized
qwsinputmethod.3qt International input methods for Qt/Embedded
qwskeyboardhandler.3qt Implements the keyboard driver for Qt/Embedded
qwsmousehandler.3qt Mouse driver for Qt/Embedded
qwsserver.3qt Server-specific functionality in Qt/Embedded
qwswindow.3qt Server-specific functionality in Qt/Embedded
qxmlattributes.3qt XML attributes
qxmlcontenthandler.3qt Interface to report the logical content of XML data
qxmldeclhandler.3qt Interface to report declaration content of XML data
qxmldefaulthandler.3qt Default implementation of all the XML handler classes
qxmldtdhandler.3qt Interface to report DTD content of XML data
qxmlentityresolver.3qt Interface to resolve external entities contained in XML data
qxmlerrorhandler.3qt Interface to report errors in XML data
qxmlinputsource.3qt The input data for the QXmlReader subclasses
qxmllexicalhandler.3qt Interface to report the lexical content of XML data
qxmllocator.3qt The XML handler classes with information about the parsing position within a...
qxmlnamespacesupport.3qt Helper class for XML readers which want to include namespace support
qxmlparseexception.3qt Used to report errors with the QXmlErrorHandler interface
qxmlreader.3qt Interface for XML readers (i.e. parsers)
qxmlsimplereader.3qt Implementation of a simple XML reader (parser)