Package qdbm

Quick Database Manager

QDBM is an embedded database library compatible with GDBM and NDBM.
It features hash database and B+ tree database and is developed referring
to GDBM for the purpose of the following three points: higher processing
speed, smaller size of a database file, and simpler API.

Version: 1.8.78

See also: qdbm-devel.

General Commands

cbcodec popular encoders and decoders
cbtest test cases for QDBM Cabin
crmgr administration utility for QDBM Curia
crtest test cases for QDBM Curia
crtsv mutual converter between TSV and QDBM Curia database
dpmgr administration utility for QDBM Depot
dptest test cases for QDBM Depot
dptsv mutual converter between TSV and QDBM Depot database
hvmgr administration utility for QDBM Hovel
hvtest test cases for QDBM Hovel
odidx indexer of document files
odmgr administration utility for QDBM Odeum
odtest test cases for QDBM Odeum
qmttest test cases for thread-safety
rlmgr administration utility for QDBM Relic
rltest test cases for QDBM Relic
vlmgr administration utility for QDBM Villa
vltest test cases for QDBM Villa
vltsv mutual converter between TSV and Villa database