Package qatlib

Intel QuickAssist user space library

Intel QuickAssist Technology (Intel QAT) provides hardware acceleration
for offloading security, authentication and compression services from the
CPU, thus significantly increasing the performance and efficiency of
standard platform solutions.

Its services include symmetric encryption and authentication,
asymmetric encryption, digital signatures, RSA, DH and ECC, and
lossless data compression.

This package provides user space libraries that allow access to
Intel QuickAssist devices and expose the Intel QuickAssist APIs.

Version: 21.11.0

System Administration initializes the Intel© Quick Assist Technology (Intel© QAT) devices in preparation for use by the user space library (qatlib).
qatmgr qatmgr is a daemon that manages QAT resources for the Intel© Quick Assist Technology (Intel© QAT) user space library (qatlib).