Package python3-versioningit

Versioning It with your Version In Git

versioningit is yet another setuptools plugin for automatically determining
your package’s version based on your version control repository’s tags. Unlike
others, it allows easy customization of the version format and even lets you
easily override the separate functions used for version extraction &


• Installed & configured through PEP 518’s pyproject.toml
• Supports Git, modern Git archives, and Mercurial
• Formatting of the final version uses format template strings, with fields for
  basic VCS information and separate template strings for distanced vs. dirty
  vs. distanced-and-dirty repository states
• Can optionally write the final version to a file for loading at runtime
• Provides custom setuptools commands for inserting the final version and other
  details into a source file at build time
• The individual methods for VCS querying, tag-to-version calculation, version
  bumping, version formatting, and writing the version to a file can all be
  customized using either functions defined alongside one’s project code or via
  publicly-distributed entry points
• Can alternatively be used as a library for use in or the like, in
  case you don’t want to or can’t configure it via pyproject.toml
• The only thing it does is calculate your version and optionally write it to a
  file; there’s no overriding of your sdist contents based on what is in your
  Git repository, especially not without a way to turn it off, because that
  would just be rude.

Version: 2.2.0

General Commands

versioningit versioningit – show the version of a versioningit-enabled project