Package python3-setuptools-git-versioning

Support for physical quantities with units, based on numpy

Use git repo data (latest tag, current commit hash, etc) for building a version
number according PEP 440.

- Can be installed & configured through both and PEP 518’s
- Does not require to change source code of the project
- Tag-, file-, and callback-based versioning schemas are supported
- Templates for tag, dev and dirty versions are separated
- Templates support a lot of substitutions including git and environment
- Well-documented

- Currently the only supported VCS is Git
- Only git v2 is supported
- Currently does not support automatic exporting of package version to a file
  for runtime use (but you can use setuptools-git-versioning > file redirect

Version: 1.13.6

General Commands

setuptools-git-versioning setuptools-git-versioning