Package python3-pygrib

Python module for reading and modifying GRIB files

Cython wrapper to provide a high-level interface to the ECMWF eccodes
C library for handling GRIB files.

GRIB is the the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) standard for
distributing gridded data.
This module contains python interfaces for reading and modifying GRIB files
using the ECMWF ECCODES C library,
as well as command-line utilities for listing and re-packing GRIB files.

There are for now limited capabilities for writing GRIB files, i.e.
you can modify the contents of an existing file,
but you can't create one from scratch.

Version: 2.1.4

General Commands

cnvgrib1to2 Convert a GRIB1 file to GRIB2 format
cnvgrib2to1 Convert a GRIB2 file to GRIB1 format
grib_list List the contents of a GRIB or GRIB2 file
grib_repack change the packing scheme in a GRIB2 file