Package python3-odfpy

Python library for manipulating OpenDocument files

Odfpy aims to be a complete API for OpenDocument in Python. Unlike
other more convenient APIs, this one is essentially an abstraction
layer just above the XML format. The main focus has been to prevent
the programmer from creating invalid documents. It has checks that
raise an exception if the programmer adds an invalid element, adds an
attribute unknown to the grammar, forgets to add a required attribute
or adds text to an element that doesn't allow it.

These checks and the API itself were generated from the RelaxNG
schema, and then hand-edited. Therefore the API is complete and can
handle all ODF constructions, but could be improved in its
understanding of data types.

This package provides Python 3 build of odfpy.

Version: 1.4.1

General Commands

csv2ods Create OpenDocument spreadsheet from comma separated values
mailodf Email ODF file as HTML archive
odf2mht Convert ODF to HTML archive
odf2xhtml Convert ODF to HTML
odf2xml Create OpenDocument XML file from OD? package
odfimgimport Import external images
odflint Check ODF file for problems
odfmeta List or change the metadata of an ODF file
odfoutline Show outline of OpenDocument
odfuserfield List or change the user-field declarations in an ODF file
xml2odf Create ODF package from OpenDocument in XML form