Package python3-nipy

Neuroimaging in Python FMRI analysis package

Neuroimaging tools for Python.

The aim of NIPY is to produce a platform-independent Python environment for the
analysis of functional brain imaging data using an open development model.

In NIPY we aim to:

• Provide an open source, mixed language scientific programming environment
  suitable for rapid development.
• Create software components in this environment to make it easy to develop
  tools for MRI, EEG, PET and other modalities.
• Create and maintain a wide base of developers to contribute to this platform.
• Maintain and develop this framework as a single, easily installable bundle.

Version: 0.5.0^20231006gite5e063b

General Commands

nipy_3dto4d nipy_3dto4d – Read 3D image files and write a 4D file
nipy_4d_realign nipy_4d_realign – Command-line wrapper for SpaceTimeRealign
nipy_4dto3d nipy_4dto3d – Read 4D image file and write 3D nifti file for each volume
nipy_diagnose nipy_diagnose – Calculate and write results for diagnostic screen
nipy_tsdiffana nipy_tsdiffana – Analyze, plot time series difference metrics