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Package python3-nbdime

Diff and merge of Jupyter notebooks


Nbdime provides tools for diffing and merging of Jupyter notebooks.

- nbdiff: compare notebooks in a terminal-friendly way
- nbmerge: three-way merge of notebooks with automatic conflict resolution
- nbdiff-web: shows you a rich rendered diff of notebooks
- nbmerge-web: gives you a web-based three-way merge tool for notebooks
- nbshow: present a single notebook in a terminal-friendly way

Version: 4.0.1

General Commands

git-nbdiffdriver A git diff driver for notebooks
git-nbdifftool A git difftool plugin for notebooks
git-nbmergedriver A git merge driver for notebooks
git-nbmergetool A git mergetool plugin for notebooks
hg-nbdiff A mercurial external differ for notebooks
hg-nbdiffweb A mercurial web-based differ for notebooks
hg-nbmerge A mercurial CLI merge tool for notebooks
hg-nbmergeweb A mercurial web-based merge tool for notebooks
nbdiff Compute the difference between two Jupyter notebooks
nbdiff-web Compute the difference between two Jupyter notebooks
nbdime Merge and diff tool for Jupyter notebooks
nbmerge Merge two Jupyter notebooks
nbmerge-web Merge two Jupyter notebooks
nbshow Show a Jupyter notebook in a terminal