Package python3-linuxdoc

Sphinx-doc extensions for sophisticated C developer

The LinuxDoc library contains Sphinx-doc extensions and command line tools to
extract documentation from C/C++ source file comments. Even if this project
started in context of the Linux-Kernel documentation, you can use these
extensions in common Sphinx-doc projects.

Version: 20231020

General Commands

kernel-autodoc manual page for kernel-autodoc 20231020
kernel-doc manual page for kernel-doc 20231020
kernel-grepdoc manual page for kernel-grepdoc 20231020
kernel-lintdoc manual page for kernel-lintdoc 20231020
linuxdoc.autodoc manual page for linuxdoc.autodoc 20231020
linuxdoc.grepdoc manual page for linuxdoc.grepdoc 20231020
linuxdoc.lintdoc manual page for linuxdoc.lintdoc 20231020 manual page for 20231020