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Package python3-jupytext

Save Jupyter notebooks as text documents or scripts


Have you always wished Jupyter notebooks were plain text documents?
Wished you could edit them in your favorite IDE?  And get clear and
meaningful diffs when doing version control?  Then... Jupytext may well
be the tool you're looking for!

Jupytext is a plugin for Jupyter that can save Jupyter notebooks as
- Markdown files (or MyST Markdown files, or R Markdown or Quarto text
- Scripts in many languages.

Common use cases for Jupytext are:
- Doing version control on Jupyter Notebooks
- Editing, merging or refactoring notebooks in your favorite text editor
- Applying Q&A checks on notebooks.

Version: 1.16.2

General Commands

jupytext Save Jupyter notebooks as text documents or scripts
jupytext-config Manage jupytext configuration