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Package python3-fastavro

Fast Avro for Python


Because the Apache Python avro package is written in pure Python, it is
relatively slow. In one test case, it takes about 14 seconds to iterate through
a file of 10,000 records. By comparison, the JAVA avro SDK reads the same file
in 1.9 seconds.

The fastavro library was written to offer performance comparable to the Java
library. With regular CPython, fastavro uses C extensions which allow it to
iterate the same 10,000 record file in 1.7 seconds. With PyPy, this drops to
1.5 seconds (to be fair, the JAVA benchmark is doing some extra JSON

Supported Features

  • File Writer
  • File Reader (iterating via records or blocks)
  • Schemaless Writer
  • Schemaless Reader
  • JSON Writer
  • JSON Reader
  • Codecs (Snappy, Deflate, Zstandard, Bzip2, LZ4, XZ)
  • Schema resolution
  • Aliases
  • Logical Types
  • Parsing schemas into the canonical form
  • Schema fingerprinting

Missing Features

  • Anything involving Avro’s RPC features

Version: 1.9.4

General Commands