Package python3-ezdxf

Create/manipulate DXF drawings

This Python package is for creating and modifying DXF documents, regardless of
the DXF version. The package supports loading and rewriting DXF file without
losing any content except comments. Unknown DXF tags in the document are
ignored but kept for rewriting. This behavior allows processing DXF documents
that contain data from third-party applications without loosing information.

Version: 1.1.0

General Commands

ezdxf ezdxf – command launcher for the Python package “ezdxf”
ezdxf-browse The browse command opens a DXF structure browser to investigate the internals of a DXF file without interpreting the content.
ezdxf-browse-acis The DXF format stores modern solid geometry as SAT data for DXF R2000–R2010 and as SAB data for DXF R2013 and later.
ezdxf-strip Strip comment tags (group code 999) from ASCII DXF files and can remove the THUMBNAILIMAGE section. Binary DXF files are not supported.