Package python3-dunamai

Dynamic version generation

Dunamai is a Python 3.5+ library and command line tool for producing dynamic,
standards-compliant version strings, derived from tags in your version control
system. This facilitates uniquely identifying nightly or per-commit builds in
continuous integration and releasing new versions of your software simply by
creating a tag.

Version: 1.19.1

General Commands

dunamai dunamai
dunamai-check dunamai check
dunamai-from dunamai from
dunamai-from-any dunamai from any
dunamai-from-bazaar dunamai from bazaar
dunamai-from-darcs dunamai from darcs
dunamai-from-fossil dunamai from fossil
dunamai-from-git dunamai from git
dunamai-from-mercurial dunamai from mercurial
dunamai-from-pijul dunamai from pijul
dunamai-from-subversion dunamai from subversion