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Package python3-container-inspector

Suite of analysis utilities and command line tools for Docker container images


container-inspector is a suite of analysis utilities and command line tools
for Docker images, containers, root filesystems and virtual machine images.

For Docker images, it can process layers and how these relate to each other as
well as Dockerfiles.

container-inspector provides utilities to:

 - identify Docker images in a file system, its layers and the related metadata.
 - given a Docker image, collect and report its metadata.
 - given a Docker image, extract the layers used to rebuild what how a runtime
   rootfs would look.
 - find and parse Dockerfiles.
 - find how Dockerfiles relate to actual images and their layers.
 - given a Docker image, rootfs or Virtual Machime image collect inventories of
   packages and files installed in an image or layer or rootfs
   (implemented using a provided callable)
 - detect the "distro" of a rootfs of image using os-release files (and an
   extensive test suite for these)
 - detect the operating system, architecture

Version: 33.0.0

General Commands

container_inspector manual page for container_inspector 33.0.0