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Package python3-conda-index

Create repodata.json for collections of conda packages


Create repodata.json for collections of conda packages.

The conda_index command operates on a channel directory. A channel directory
contains a noarch subdirectory at a minimum and will almost always contain
other subdirectories named for conda's supported platforms linux-64, win-64,
osx-64, etc. A channel directory cannot have the same name as a supported
platform. Place packages into the same platform subdirectory each archive was
built for. Conda-index extracts metadata from these packages to generate
index.html, repodata.json etc. with summaries of the packages' metadata. Then
conda uses the metadata to solve dependencies before doing an install.

By default, the metadata is output to the same directory tree as the channel
directory, but it can be output to a separate tree with the --output <output>
parameter. The metadata cache is always placed with the packages, in .cache
folders under each platform subdirectory.

After conda-index has finished, its output can be used as a channel conda
install -c file:///path/to/output ... or it would typically be placed on a
web server.

Version: 0.4.0

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