Package python3-bioread

Utilities to read BIOPAC AcqKnowledge files

These utilities are for reading the files produced by BIOPAC’s AcqKnowledge
software. Much of the information is based on Application Note 156 from BIOPAC;
however, newer file formats were decoded through the tireless efforts of John
Ollinger and Nate Vack.

This library is mostly concerned with getting you the data, and less so with
interpreting UI-related header values.

Version: 3.0.1

General Commands

acq2hdf5 manual page for acq2hdf5 3.0.1
acq2mat manual page for acq2mat 3.0.1
acq2txt manual page for acq2txt 3.0.1
acq_info manual page for acq_info 3.0.1
acq_markers manual page for acq_markers 3.0.1