Package python2-pyhsm

Python module to talk to YubiHSM hardware

PyHSM is a python module and set of utilities to manage a YubiHSM,
Yubico's Hardware Security Module.

General Commands
Command Description
yhsm-daemon yhsm-daemon ‐ Allow multiple users of a YubiHSM.
yhsm-db-export yhsm-db-export ‐ Export AEADs from a database to a filesystem structure
yhsm-db-import yhsm-db-import ‐ Import AEADs from filesystem to database
yhsm-decrypt-aead yhsm-decrypt-aead ‐ Decrypt AEADs (with secrets for YubiKeys)
yhsm-generate-keys yhsm-generate-keys ‐ Generate AEADs with secrets for YubiKeys using a YubiHSM
yhsm-keystore-unlock yhsm-keystore-unlock ‐ Unlock the keystore in a YubiHSM
yhsm-linux-add-entropy yhsm-linux-add-entropy ‐ Seed the Linux entropy pool with data from YubiHSM TRNG