Pure-FTPd team

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pure-authd is a daemon that forks an authentication program, waits for an authentication reply, and feed them to an application server. pure-authd listens to a...
Pure-FTPd is a small, simple server for the old and hairy File Transfer Protocol, designed to use less resources than older servers, be smaller and very secure...
pure-ftpwho shows current Pure-FTPd client sessions. Only the system administrator may run this. Output can be text (default), HTML, XML data and...
Pure-Mrtginfo counts the number of clients currently connected to ftpd(8) and output the format in a format graphable by Mrtg.
Virtual users is a simple mechanism to store a list of users, with their password, name, uid, directory, etc. It's just like /etc/passwd. But it's not...
This program scans system accounts (/etc/passwd) and outputs a FTP virtual users list, suitable to the pure-pw command.
pure-quotacheck create a .ftpquota file in the specified directory. This file contains the current file and size of the directory, and it is used by Pure-FTPd...
This program decodes Pure-FTPd's "stats" log files and converts timestamps into human-readable dates.
If Pure-FTPd is compiled with --with-uploadscript (default in binary distributions), and if the -o (or --uploadscript) is passed to the server, a named pipe...