Package puppet-headless

Headless Puppet

This puppet headless subpackage may be used when there is no need to
have puppet agent running as a service, for example, in a container

File Formats
File Description
System Administration
Command Description
puppet puppet
puppet-agent The puppet agent daemon
puppet-apply Apply Puppet manifests locally
puppet-ca Local Puppet Certificate Authority management.
puppet-catalog Compile, save, view, and convert catalogs.
puppet-cert Manage certificates and requests (Deprecated)
puppet-certificate Provide access to the CA for certificate management.
puppet-certificate_request Manage certificate requests.
puppet-certificate_revocation_list Manage the list of revoked certificates.
puppet-config Interact with PuppetĀ“s settings.
puppet-describe Display help about resource types
puppet-device Manage remote network devices
puppet-doc Generate Puppet references
puppet-epp Interact directly with the EPP template parser/renderer.
puppet-facts Retrieve and store facts.
puppet-filebucket Store and retrieve files in a filebucket
puppet-generate Generates Puppet code from Ruby definitions.
puppet-help Display Puppet help.
puppet-key Create, save, and remove certificate keys.
puppet-lookup Interactive Hiera lookup
puppet-man Display Puppet manual pages.
puppet-module Creates, installs and searches for modules on the Puppet Forge.
puppet-node View and manage node definitions.
puppet-parser Interact directly with the parser.
puppet-plugin Interact with the Puppet plugin system.
puppet-report Create, display, and submit reports.
puppet-resource The resource abstraction layer shell
puppet-script Run a puppet manifests as a script without compiling a catalog
puppet-status View puppet server status.