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Package public-inbox

An archives-first approach to mailing lists


public-inbox implements the sharing of an email inbox via git to complement or
replace traditional mailing lists. Readers may read via NNTP, IMAP, Atom feeds
or HTML archives.

Version: 2.0.0~20230714git590023f

See also: public-inbox-server.

General Commands

public-inbox-clone "git clone --mirror" wrapper
public-inbox-compact compact Xapian DBs in an inbox
public-inbox-convert convert v1 inboxes to v2
public-inbox-edit destructively edit messages in a public inbox
public-inbox-extindex create and update external search indices
public-inbox-fetch "git fetch" wrapper for v2 inbox mirrors
public-inbox-index create and update search indices
public-inbox-init create or reinitialize a public-inbox
public-inbox-learn spam trainer and remover for public-inbox
public-inbox-netd read-only network daemon for sharing public-inboxes
public-inbox-pop3d POP3 server for sharing public-inboxes
public-inbox-purge erase messages from a public inbox and its history
public-inbox-watch mailbox watcher for public-inbox
public-inbox-xcpdb upgrade Xapian DB formats

File Formats

public-inbox-config public-inbox config file description
public-inbox-extindex-format external index format description
public-inbox-v1-format git repository and tree description (aka "ssoma")
public-inbox-v2-format structure of public inbox v2 archives


public-inbox-glossary glossary for public-inbox
public-inbox-overview an overview of public-inbox
public-inbox-tuning tuning public-inbox

System Administration

public-inbox-daemon common usage for public-inbox network daemons