Package prrte

PMIx Reference RunTime Environment (PRRTE)

PRRTE is the PMIx Reference Run Time Environment.

The project is formally referred to in documentation by "PRRTE", and
the GitHub repository is "openpmix/prrte".

However, we have found that most users do not like typing the two
consecutive "r"s in the name. Hence, all of the internal API symbols,
environment variables, MCA frameworks, and CLI executables all use the
abbreviated "prte" (one "r", not two) for convenience.

Version: 2.0.0

General Commands

prte Establish a PRTE Distributed Virtual Machine (DVM).
prte-bind alias for prte-map
prte-map PRTE: Mapping, Ranking, and Binding
prte-rank alias for prte-map
prte_info Display information about the PRTE installation
prted Start an PRTE User-Level Daemon
prun Execute serial and parallel jobs with the PMIx Reference Runtime (PRTE).
pterm yet another X terminal emulator


prte_filem PRTE MCA File Management (FileM) Framework: Overview of PRTE’s FileM framework, and selected modules.