Package proftpd-utils

ProFTPD - Additional utilities

This package contains additional utilities for monitoring and configuring the
ProFTPD server:

* ftpasswd: generate passwd(5) files for use with AuthUserFile
* ftpcount: show the current number of connections per server/virtualhost
* ftpmail: monitor transfer log and send email when files uploaded
* ftpquota: manipulate quota tables
* ftptop: show the current status of FTP sessions
* ftpwho: show the current process information for each FTP session
General Commands
Command Description
ftpasswd Perl script for managing AuthUserFiles and AuthGroupFiles
ftpcount show current number of connections for each proftpd server configuration
ftpmail FIFO-based Perl script for sending email based on proftpd TransferLog
ftpquota Perl script for managing limit/tally files for mod_quotatab
ftptop display running status on proftpd server connections
ftpwho show current process information for each FTP session