Package proftpd

Flexible, stable and highly-configurable FTP server

ProFTPD is an enhanced FTP server with a focus toward simplicity, security,
and ease of configuration. It features a very Apache-like configuration
syntax, and a highly customizable server infrastructure, including support for
multiple 'virtual' FTP servers, anonymous FTP, and permission-based directory

This package defaults to the standalone behavior of ProFTPD, but all the
needed scripts to have it run by systemd instead are included.

See also: proftpd-utils.

File Formats
File Description
proftpd.conf ProFTPD server configuration file
xferlog ProFTPD server logfile
System Administration
Command Description
ftpdctl ProFTPD control program
ftpscrub scrub the proftpd scoreboard file of stale entries
ftpshut shut down all proftpd servers at a given time
proftpd Professional configurable, secure file transfer protocol server