Package practrand

Software package for the Randon number generation & testing

Software package for the Random number generation & testing.
A suite of statistical tests for fast PRNGs. Multithreaded for speed,
command-line tools for automation, no upper limit on data size.
A variety of C++ pseudo-random number generators with well-designed
interfaces aimed at practical uses, not just research.

  * A convenient & powerful interface to RNG algorithms
  * A variety of fast high quality RNG algorithms
  * Fast & effective statistical tests for RNGs

Version: 0.951

General Commands

practrand-RNG_benchmark manual page for practrand-RNG_benchmark version 0.95
practrand-RNG_output manual page for practrand-RNG_output version 0.95
practrand-RNG_test manual page for practrand-RNG_test using PractRand version 0.95