Package ppp

The Point-to-Point Protocol daemon

The ppp package contains the PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) daemon and
documentation for PPP support. The PPP protocol provides a method for
transmitting datagrams over serial point-to-point links. PPP is
usually used to dial in to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or other
organization over a modem and phone line.

Version: 2.4.9

System Administration

chat Automated conversational script with a modem
ppp-watch daemon to make PPP interfaces act more like other interfaces
pppd Point-to-Point Protocol Daemon
pppd-radattr RADIUS utility plugin for pppd(8)
pppd-radius RADIUS authentication plugin for pppd(8)
pppdump convert PPP record file to readable format
pppoe-discovery perform PPPoE discovery
pppstats print PPP statistics