Package postgresql

PostgreSQL client programs

PostgreSQL is an advanced Object-Relational database management system (DBMS).
The base postgresql package contains the client programs that you'll need to
access a PostgreSQL DBMS server, as well as HTML documentation for the whole
system. These client programs can be located on the same machine as the
PostgreSQL server, or on a remote machine that accesses a PostgreSQL server
over a network connection. The PostgreSQL server can be found in the
postgresql-server sub-package.

See also: postgresql_autodoc, postgresql-contrib, postgresql-server, postgresql-server-devel.

General Commands
Command Description
clusterdb cluster a PostgreSQL database
createdb create a new PostgreSQL database
createuser define a new PostgreSQL user account
dropdb remove a PostgreSQL database
dropuser remove a PostgreSQL user account
pg_dump extract a PostgreSQL database into a script file or other archive file
pg_dumpall extract a PostgreSQL database cluster into a script file
pg_isready check the connection status of a PostgreSQL server
pg_restore restore a PostgreSQL database from an archive file created by pg_dump
pg_upgrade upgrade a PostgreSQL server instance
psql PostgreSQL interactive terminal
reindexdb reindex a PostgreSQL database
vacuumdb garbage-collect and analyze a PostgreSQL database