Package Portage

Package management system based on ports collections.

Portage is a GPLv2 package management system based on ports collections. The Package Manager Specification Project (PMS) standardizes and documents the behavior of Portage so that the Gentoo packages can be managed by other package managers. Some alternative package managers for Gentoo include Paludis and pkgcore.
The goal of the Portage project is to provide a seamless integration of developer and user tools to aid the growth and maintenance of Gentoo packages. This means we work not only on Portage itself, but also on associated tools, and on ensuring that our APIs are useful to other tools.

Version: 3.0.2

General Commands

dispatch-conf Sanely update configuration files after emerging new packages
ebuild a low level interface to the Portage system
egencache generate metadata cache for ebuild repositories
emaint performs package management related system health checks and maintenance
emerge Command-line interface to the Portage system
emirrordist a fetch tool for mirroring of package distfiles
env-update updates environment settings automatically
etc-update handle configuration file updates
fixpackages Perform package move updates for all packages
glsa-check Tool to locally monitor and manage GLSAs
quickpkg creates portage packages

File Formats custom color settings for Portage
ebuild the internal format, variables, and functions in an ebuild script
make.conf custom settings for Portage
portage the heart of Gentoo
xpak The XPAK Data Format used with Portage binary packages