Package policycoreutils-devel

SELinux policy core policy devel utilities

The policycoreutils-devel package contains the management tools use to develop policy in an SELinux environment.

System Administration
Command Description
semodule_deps show the dependencies between SELinux policy packages.
semodule_expand Expand a SELinux policy module package.
semodule_link Link SELinux policy module packages together
semodule_unpackage Extract policy module and file context file from an SELinux policy module...
sepolicy SELinux Policy Inspection tool
sepolicy-booleans Query SELinux Policy to see description of booleans
sepolicy-communicate Generate a report showing if two SELinux Policy Domains can communicate
sepolicy-generate Generate an initial SELinux policy module template.
sepolicy-interface Print interface information based on the installed SELinux Policy
sepolicy-manpage Generate a man page based on the installed SELinux Policy
sepolicy-network Examine the SELinux Policy and generate a network report
sepolicy-transition Examine the SELinux Policy and generate a process transition report