Package podofo0.9-tools

Tools for podofo0.9

Version: 0.9.8

General Commands

podofobox set the media, crop, bleed, trim, and art box on pages of a PDF file.
podofocolor modify colors in a PDF file.
podofocountpages count the number of pages in a pdf file
podofocrop crop all pages
podofoencrypt encrypt PDF files and set PDF security settings
podofogc Garbage collection in a PDF file.
podofoimg2pdf Convert images to PDF files
podofoimgextract Extract all images from a PDF file
podofoimpose A powerful PDF imposition tool
podofoincrementalupdates Provides information about incremental updates in PDF files
podofomerge merge several PDF files
podofopages move and delete pages in a PDF document
podofopdfinfo provide information about a PDF file
podofotxt2pdf convert plain text files into PDF files
podofotxtextract Extract all text from a PDF file
podofouncompress Uncompress PDF files
podofoxmp Modify or extract XMP information from a PDF file