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Package podman

Manage Pods, Containers and Container Images


podman (Pod Manager) is a fully featured container engine that is a simple
daemonless tool. podman provides a Docker-CLI comparable command line that
eases the transition from other container engines and allows the management of
pods, containers and images. Simply put: alias docker=podman.
Most podman commands can be run as a regular user, without requiring
additional privileges.

podman uses Buildah(1) internally to create container images.
Both tools share image (not container) storage, hence each can use or
manipulate images (but not containers) created by the other.

Version: 5.0.3

See also: podman-remote.

General Commands

podman Simple management tool for pods, containers and images
podman-attach Attach to a running container
podman-auto-update Auto update containers according to their auto-update policy
podman-build Build a container image using a Containerfile
podman-commit Create new image based on the changed container
podman-completion Generate shell completion scripts
podman-compose Run Compose workloads via an external compose provider
podman-container Manage containers
podman-container-attach alias for podman-attach
podman-container-checkpoint Checkpoint one or more running containers
podman-container-cleanup Clean up the container's network and mountpoints
podman-container-clone Create a copy of an existing container
podman-container-commit alias for podman-commit
podman-container-cp alias for podman-cp
podman-container-create alias for podman-create
podman-container-diff Inspect changes on a container's filesystem
podman-container-exec alias for podman-exec
podman-container-exists Check if a container exists in local storage
podman-container-export alias for podman-export
podman-container-init alias for podman-init
podman-container-inspect Display a container's configuration
podman-container-kill alias for podman-kill
podman-container-list alias for podman-ps
podman-container-logs alias for podman-logs
podman-container-ls alias for podman-ps
podman-container-mount alias for podman-mount
podman-container-pause alias for podman-pause
podman-container-port alias for podman-port
podman-container-prune Remove all stopped containers from local storage
podman-container-ps alias for podman-ps
podman-container-rename alias for podman-rename
podman-container-restart alias for podman-restart
podman-container-restore Restore one or more containers from a checkpoint
podman-container-rm alias for podman-rm
podman-container-run alias for podman-run
podman-container-runlabel Execute a command as described by a container-image label
podman-container-start alias for podman-start
podman-container-stats alias for podman-stats
podman-container-stop alias for podman-stop
podman-container-top alias for podman-top
podman-container-umount alias for podman-unmount
podman-container-unmount alias for podman-unmount
podman-container-unpause alias for podman-unpause
podman-container-update alias for podman-update
podman-container-wait alias for podman-wait
podman-cp Copy files/folders between a container and the local filesystem
podman-create Create a new container
podman-diff Inspect changes on a container or image's filesystem
podman-events Monitor Podman events
podman-exec Execute a command in a running container
podman-export Export a container's filesystem contents as a tar archive
podman-farm Farm out builds to machines running podman for different architectures
podman-farm-build Build images on farm nodes, then bundle them into a manifest list
podman-farm-create Create a new farm
podman-farm-list List the existing farms
podman-farm-remove Delete one or more farms
podman-farm-update Update an existing farm
podman-generate Generate structured data based on containers, pods or volumes
podman-generate-kube alias for podman-kube-generate
podman-generate-spec Generate Specgen JSON based on containers or pods
podman-generate-systemd [DEPRECATED] Generate systemd unit file(s) for a container or pod
podman-healthcheck Manage healthchecks for containers
podman-healthcheck-run Run a container healthcheck
podman-help alias for podman
podman-history Show the history of an image
podman-image Manage images
podman-image-build alias for podman-build
podman-image-diff Inspect changes on an image's filesystem
podman-image-exists Check if an image exists in local storage
podman-image-history alias for podman-history
podman-image-import alias for podman-import
podman-image-inspect Display an image's configuration
podman-image-list alias for podman-images
podman-image-load alias for podman-load
podman-image-ls alias for podman-images
podman-image-mount Mount an image's root filesystem
podman-image-prune Remove all unused images from the local store
podman-image-pull alias for podman-pull
podman-image-push alias for podman-push
podman-image-rm alias for podman-rmi
podman-image-save alias for podman-save
podman-image-scp Securely copy an image from one host to another
podman-image-search alias for podman-search
podman-image-sign Create a signature for an image
podman-image-tag alias for podman-tag
podman-image-tree Print layer hierarchy of an image in a tree format
podman-image-trust Manage container registry image trust policy
podman-image-umount alias for podman-image-unmount
podman-image-unmount Unmount an image's root filesystem
podman-image-untag alias for podman-untag
podman-images List images in local storage
podman-import Import a tarball and save it as a filesystem image
podman-info Display Podman related system information
podman-init Initialize one or more containers
podman-inspect Display a container, image, volume, network, or pod's configuration
podman-kill Kill the main process in one or more containers
podman-kube Play containers, pods or volumes based on a structured input file
podman-kube-apply Apply Kubernetes YAML based on containers, pods, or volumes to a Kubernetes cluster
podman-kube-down Remove containers and pods based on Kubernetes YAML
podman-kube-generate Generate Kubernetes YAML based on containers, pods or volumes
podman-kube-play Create containers, pods and volumes based on Kubernetes YAML
podman-load Load image(s) from a tar archive into container storage
podman-login Log in to a container registry
podman-logout Log out of a container registry
podman-logs Display the logs of one or more containers
podman-machine Manage Podman's virtual machine
podman-machine-info Display machine host info
podman-machine-init Initialize a new virtual machine
podman-machine-inspect Inspect one or more virtual machines
podman-machine-list List virtual machines
podman-machine-ls alias for podman-machine-list
podman-machine-os Manage a Podman virtual machine's OS
podman-machine-os-apply Apply an OCI image to a Podman Machine's OS
podman-machine-reset Reset Podman machines and environment
podman-machine-rm Remove a virtual machine
podman-machine-set Set a virtual machine setting
podman-machine-ssh SSH into a virtual machine
podman-machine-start Start a virtual machine
podman-machine-stop Stop a virtual machine
podman-manifest Create and manipulate manifest lists and image indexes
podman-manifest-add Add an image or artifact to a manifest list or image index
podman-manifest-annotate Add and update information about an image or artifact in a manifest list or image index
podman-manifest-create Create a manifest list or image index
podman-manifest-exists Check if the given manifest list exists in local storage
podman-manifest-inspect Display a manifest list or image index
podman-manifest-push Push a manifest list or image index to a registry
podman-manifest-remove Remove an image from a manifest list or image index
podman-manifest-rm Remove manifest list or image index from local storage
podman-mount Mount a working container's root filesystem
podman-network Manage Podman networks
podman-network-connect Connect a container to a network
podman-network-create Create a Podman network
podman-network-disconnect Disconnect a container from a network
podman-network-exists Check if the given network exists
podman-network-inspect Display the network configuration for one or more networks
podman-network-ls Display a summary of networks
podman-network-prune Remove all unused networks
podman-network-reload Reload network configuration for containers
podman-network-rm Remove one or more networks
podman-network-update Update an existing Podman network
podman-pause Pause one or more containers
podman-play-kube alias for podman-kube-play
podman-pod Management tool for groups of containers, called pods
podman-pod-clone Create a copy of an existing pod
podman-pod-create Create a new pod
podman-pod-exists Check if a pod exists in local storage
podman-pod-inspect Display information describing a pod
podman-pod-kill Kill the main process of each container in one or more pods
podman-pod-logs Display logs for pod with one or more containers
podman-pod-pause Pause one or more pods
podman-pod-prune Remove all stopped pods and their containers
podman-pod-ps Print out information about pods
podman-pod-restart Restart one or more pods
podman-pod-rm Remove one or more stopped pods and containers
podman-pod-start Start one or more pods
podman-pod-stats Display a live stream of resource usage stats for containers in one or more pods
podman-pod-stop Stop one or more pods
podman-pod-top Display the running processes of containers in a pod
podman-pod-unpause Unpause one or more pods
podman-port List port mappings for a container
podman-ps Print out information about containers
podman-pull Pull an image from a registry
podman-push Push an image, manifest list or image index from local storage to elsewhere
podman-rename Rename an existing container
podman-restart Restart one or more containers
podman-rm Remove one or more containers
podman-rmi Remove one or more locally stored images
podman-run Run a command in a new container
podman-save Save image(s) to an archive
podman-search Search a registry for an image
podman-secret Manage podman secrets
podman-secret-create Create a new secret
podman-secret-exists Check if the given secret exists
podman-secret-inspect Display detailed information on one or more secrets
podman-secret-ls List all available secrets
podman-secret-rm Remove one or more secrets
podman-start Start one or more containers
podman-stats Display a live stream of one or more container's resource usage statistics
podman-stop Stop one or more running containers
podman-system Manage podman
podman-system-connection Manage the destination(s) for Podman service(s)
podman-system-connection-add Record destination for the Podman service
podman-system-connection-default Set named destination as default for the Podman service
podman-system-connection-list List the destination for the Podman service(s)
podman-system-connection-remove Delete named destination
podman-system-connection-rename Rename the destination for Podman service
podman-system-df Show podman disk usage
podman-system-events alias for podman-events
podman-system-info alias for podman-info
podman-system-migrate Migrate existing containers to a new podman version
podman-system-prune Remove all unused pods, containers, images, networks, and volume data
podman-system-renumber Migrate lock numbers to handle a change in maximum number of locks
podman-system-reset Reset storage back to initial state
podman-system-service Run an API service
podman-tag Add an additional name to a local image
podman-top Display the running processes of a container
podman-umount alias for podman-unmount
podman-unmount Unmount a working container's root filesystem
podman-unpause Unpause one or more containers
podman-unshare Run a command inside of a modified user namespace
podman-untag Remove one or more names from a locally-stored image
podman-update Update the cgroup configuration of a given container
podman-version Display the Podman version information
podman-volume Simple management tool for volumes
podman-volume-create Create a new volume
podman-volume-exists Check if the given volume exists
podman-volume-export Export volume to external tar
podman-volume-import Import tarball contents into an existing podman volume
podman-volume-inspect Get detailed information on one or more volumes
podman-volume-ls List all the available volumes
podman-volume-mount Mount a volume filesystem
podman-volume-prune Remove all unused volumes
podman-volume-reload Reload all volumes from volumes plugins
podman-volume-rm Remove one or more volumes
podman-volume-unmount Unmount a volume
podman-wait Wait on one or more containers to stop and print their exit codes

File Formats

podman-systemd.unit systemd units using Podman Quadlet
quadlet alias for podman-systemd.unit