Package po4a

A tool maintaining translations anywhere

The po4a (po for anything) project goal is to ease translations (and
more interestingly, the maintenance of translations) using gettext
tools on areas where they were not expected like documentation.

General Commands
Command Description
msguntypot.1p update PO files when a typo is fixed in POT file
po4a-gettextize.1p convert an original file (and its translation) to a PO file
po4a-normalize.1p normalize a documentation file by parsing it in po4a, and writing it back
po4a-translate.1p convert a PO file back to documentation format
po4a-updatepo.1p update the translation (in PO format) of documentation
po4a.1p update both the PO files and translated documents in one shot
po4aman-display-po display a translated man page according to a PO
po4apod-display-po man display of a translated POD file according to a PO
Name Description
po4a framework to translate documentation and other materials