Package pmempool

Utilities for Persistent Memory

The pmempool is a standalone utility for management and off-line analysis
of Persistent Memory pools created by PMDK libraries. It provides a set
of utilities for administration and diagnostics of Persistent Memory pools.
The pmempool may be useful for troubleshooting by system administrators
and users of the applications based on PMDK libraries.

Version: 2.0.1

General Commands

pmempool Persistent Memory Pool Management Tool
pmempool-check check and repair persistent memory pool
pmempool-convert this is a wrapper around pmdk-convert tool. More information can be found in pmdk-convert(1) man page.
pmempool-create create a persistent memory pool
pmempool-dump dump user data from persistent memory pool
pmempool-feature toggle or query pool set features
pmempool-info show information about persistent memory pool
pmempool-rm remove a persistent memory pool
pmempool-sync Synchronize replicas or their parts within a pool set.
pmempool-transform Modify internal structure of a pool set.