Package pipx

Install and run Python applications in isolated environments

pipx is a tool to help you install and run end-user applications written in
Python. It’s roughly similar to macOS’s brew, JavaScript’s npx, and Linux’s

It’s closely related to pip. In fact, it uses pip, but is focused on installing
and managing Python packages that can be run from the command line directly as

Version: 0.16.5

General Commands

pipx install and execute apps from Python packages
pipx-completions print instructions on enabling shell completions for pipx(1) environment variable
pipx-ensurepath ensure directories necessary for pipx(1) operation are in your PATH environment variable
pipx-inject install packages into an existing virtual environment
pipx-install install a package
pipx-list list installed packages
pipx-reinstall reinstall a package
pipx-reinstall-all reinstall all packages
pipx-run download the latest version of a package to a temporary virtual environment, then run an app from it
pipx-runpip run pip in an existing pipx(1)-managed virtual environment
pipx-uninstall uninstall a package
pipx-uninstall-all uninstall all packages
pipx-upgrade upgrade a package
pipx-upgrade-all upgrade all packages