Package pipewire-utils

PipeWire media server utilities

This package contains command line utilities for the PipeWire media server.

Version: 1.0.4

See also: pipewire, pipewire-jack-audio-connection-kit-libs, pipewire-libs, pipewire-pulseaudio, pipewire-v4l2.

General Commands

pw-cat Play and record media with PipeWire
pw-cli The PipeWire Command Line Interface
pw-config Debug PipeWire Config parsing
pw-dot The PipeWire dot graph dump
pw-dump The PipeWire state dumper
pw-link The PipeWire Link Command
pw-loopback PipeWire loopback client
pw-metadata The PipeWire metadata
pw-mididump The PipeWire MIDI dump
pw-mon The PipeWire monitor
pw-profiler The PipeWire profiler
pw-reserve The PipeWire device reservation utility
pw-top The PipeWire process viewer
spa-acp-tool The PipeWire ALSA profile debugging utility
spa-inspect The PipeWire SPA plugin information utility
spa-json-dump SPA JSON to JSON converter
spa-monitor The PipeWire SPA device debugging utility
spa-resample The PipeWire resampler debugging utility