Package pilot-link

File transfer utilities between Linux and PalmPilots

This suite of tools allows you to upload and download programs and
data files between a Linux/UNIX machine and the PalmPilot. It has a
few extra utilities that will allow for things like syncing the
PalmPilot's calendar app with Ical. Note that you might still need to
consult the sources for pilot-link if you would like the Python, Tcl,
or Perl bindings.

Install pilot-link if you want to synchronize your Palm with your Red
Hat Linux system.

General Commands (Section 1)
pilot-addresses allows the user to read all entries from a Palm handheld such as those made by Palm, Handspring, Handera, TRGPro, Sony or other Palm handheld in...
pilot-clip is used to get or set the Palm Clipboard contents from STDOUT/STDIN. You must provide one of -g or -s.
Connection Service Daemon for Palm Devices
pilot-debugsh is a commandline interface to the Palm debug monitor. Use device file /dev/tty<0..n> to communicate with the Palm handheld. If this is not...
pilot-dedupe is used to remove duplicate records from any Palm database.
pilot-dlpsh allows the user to connect to a Palm handheld and execute arbitrary DLP commands. pilot-dlpsh can query many different types of information from...
pilot-file is used to Dump application and header information from your local PRC/PDB files. pilot-file does not connect to your Palm.
This is a palm conduit to fetch, install, or remove, Foto files from a Palm. It can also convert *.jpg.pdb files that have already been fetched from the Palm to...
Copies Treo "foto" databases to current directory and extracts the .jpg image files within them.
Copies Treo "foto" databases to current directory and extracts the .jpg image files within them.
pilot-getram is used to fetch the current RAM image from your Palm handheld for use in debugging. pilot-getromtoken, pilot-getrom and pilot-getram are...
pilot-getrom is used to fetch the ROM from your Palm handheld for use in debugging Palm applications through the use of POSE, the Palm OS Emulator application...
Tokens you may currently extract are: adcc: Entropy for internal A->D convertor calibration irda: Present only on memory card w/IrDA support snum: Device serial...
Hi-Notes must be installed on your Palm handheld (and at least one entry must exist within Hi-Notes). By default, the contents of your Palm's Hi-Notes database...
pilot-install-datebook allows the user to create one or more datebook entries from one or more source files. The format of the source file contains one datebook...
pilot-install-expenses allows a Palm handheld with the Expense application to have expense records synchronized to it from the commandline. You can pass any of...
pilot-install-hinote allows the user to write one or more files as a new Hi-Note or into the Hi-Notes Palm application itself, on the Palm handheld. Please see...
pilot-install-memo allows the user to write one or more files as a new memo or memos, respectively, onto the Palm handheld.
pilot-install-netsync allows the user to read or change the Network Preferences stored on the Palm.
pilot-install-todo allows the user to install one new ToDo list entry with specified paramters passed to pilot-install-todo and add a Note entry using text...
pilot-install-todos allows the user to update the Palm ToDo list with entries from a local file. The format of this file is a simple line-by-line ToDo task...
pilot-install-user allows the user to read or change the User and UserID information on the Palm handheld.
By default, the contents of your Palm's memo database will be written to standard output as a standard UNIX mailbox (mbox-format) file, with each memo as a...
This will bind your locally connected device to a network port, and redirect them through the network device to a listening server as specified in the LANSync...
pilot-read-expenses is used to output the Expense data in a simple text format, which can be used to import into any other application you wish, such as Excel...
Note, this is not the same as the iCal calendar format. pilot-read-ical allows the user to retrieve the contents of the ToDo and Datebook databases on a Palm...
Connect to the Palm handheld and list the record information found in the Palm Notepad application (found on OS4 and newer devices). If --type is specified...
pilot-read-palmpix allows a Kodak PalmPix camera user to extract the images from their Palm handheld and convert them to Portable Network Graphic (.png) or...
ScreenShot is a Palm-compatible application for OS4 and OS5. ScreenShot captures the current screen of any application. All color and grayscale modes, as well...
pilot-read-todos will read the ToDo database on the Palm handheld, or read the ToDoDB.pdb file directly from disk on your desktop machine, and print the...
Synchronize your Veo Traveler databases with your desktop machine. Output defaults to ppm.
Your Datebook database will be written to STDOUT as it is converted unless redirected to a file.
Currently the stored name and file type is not queried so you can potentially install a PDF file, and retrieve it as a ZIP file. You must take care to remember...
pilot-link: Userland conduits
This is the swiss-army-knife of the entire pilot-link suite. pilot-xfer allows the user to install databases contained in the standard .prc (Palm Resource...
Miscellanea (Section 7)
The pilot-link suite of tools contains a series of conduits, libraries, and language bindings for moving information to and from your Palm device and your...