Package pilot-link

File transfer utilities between Linux and PalmPilots

This suite of tools allows you to upload and download programs and
data files between a Linux/UNIX machine and the PalmPilot. It has a
few extra utilities that will allow for things like syncing the
PalmPilot's calendar app with Ical. Note that you might still need to
consult the sources for pilot-link if you would like the Python, Tcl,
or Perl bindings.

Install pilot-link if you want to synchronize your Palm with your Red
Hat Linux system.

Version: 0.12.5

See also: pilot-link-perl.

General Commands

pilot-addresses Read and write address book databases to and from a Palm handheld.
pilot-clip Get or Set the Palm Clipboard contents from STDOUT/STDIN.
pilot-csd Connection Service Daemon for Palm Devices
pilot-debugsh Simple debugging console for a Palm Handheld device [deprecated].
pilot-dedupe Removes duplicate records from any Palm database.
pilot-dlpsh An interactive Desktop Link Protocol (DLP) Shell for your Palm device.
pilot-file Dump application and header information from your local PRC/PDB files.
pilot-foto Palm 'Foto' Image Installer/Remover/Fetcher/Converter
pilot-foto-treo600 Copies Treo "foto" databases to current directory and extracts image files from within them.
pilot-foto-treo650 Copies Treo "foto" databases and videos to the current directory
pilot-getram Retrieves the RAM image from your Palm device for use in debugging.
pilot-getrom Retrieves the ROM image from your Palm device for use in debugging.
pilot-getromtoken Reads a ROM token from a Palm Handheld device.
pilot-hinotes Syncronize your Hi-Notes database with your desktop machine.
pilot-install-datebook Installs one or more new datebook entries onto your Palm handheld.
pilot-install-expenses Install an expense record entries onto your Palm handheld device.
pilot-install-hinote Install local files into your Hi-Note database on your Palm handheld.
pilot-install-memo Installs a new Memo Pad entry onto your Palm handheld.
pilot-install-netsync reads or sets the Network Preferences information on a Palm Device.
pilot-install-todo Updates the Palm ToDo list with one new entry.
pilot-install-todos Updates the Palm ToDo list with entries from a local file.
pilot-install-user Reads or sets a Palm User and UserID on a Palm Device.
pilot-memos Manipulate Memo entries from a file or your Palm device.
pilot-nredir Accept connection and redirect via Network Hotsync Protocol.
pilot-read-expenses Export Palm Expense application data in a text format.
pilot-read-ical Exports the DatebookDB and/or ToDo applications to ical format.
pilot-read-notepad List the record information found in the Palm Notepad
pilot-read-palmpix Convert all pictures in the files given or found on a Palm handheld.
pilot-read-screenshot Read screenshots from Palm (ScreenShotDB).
pilot-read-todos Syncronize your Palm ToDo application's database with your desktop machine.
pilot-read-veo Synchronize your Veo Traveler databases
pilot-reminders Exports your Palm Datebook database into a remind(1) data file format.
pilot-schlep Pack an arbitrary file and install it on your Palm or unpack a file from your Palm.
pilot-wav Decodes Palm Voice Memo files to wav files you can read on your desktop
pilot-xfer Backup, sync, and restore databases from a Palm handheld device.


pilot-link A suite of tools for communicating with Palm handhelds, such as those made by Palm, Handspring, Handera, TRGPro, Sony or other Palm Compatible Handheld PDA…