Package photoml

An XML DTD and tools for describing photographic metadata

Photo Description Markup Language (PhotoML) is primarily intended to
provide an XML format and tools for describing details of photo
creation, processing, and content in a collection of photographs. It
is designed to be appropriate for a wide variety of photographic
formats, including roll film (such as 35mm and 120/220), sheet film
(such as 4x5 and 8x10) and digital images. The type of information
represented, while allowing description of details of content,
creation etc. for digital images, does not support some of the more
low-level housekeeping details that might be necessary in an
application such as an online database of digital images. In
particular, PhotoML is not yet another web photo gallery generator.
General Commands
Command Description
pmlcreate construct PhotoML files from a single input file in a simple text format
pmldigital construct PhotoML files from EXIF data in digital images from a digital camera...
pmlexpand expand and remove defaults in a PhotoML XML file
pmlgrep provides a grep-like utility for PhotoML files
pmlindex constructs an HTML index of PhotoML files
pmltoxmp convert a PhotoML file to XMP format
pmltrans transform a PhotoML XML file into an HTML description
pmlupgrade upgrade PhotoML XML files to latest DTD version
pmlvalid validate PhotoML XML files