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Package phoronix-test-suite

An Automated, Open-Source Testing Framework


The Phoronix Test Suite is the most comprehensive testing and benchmarking
platform available for the Linux operating system. This software is designed to
effectively carry out both qualitative and quantitative benchmarks in a clean,
reproducible, and easy-to-use manner. The Phoronix Test Suite consists of a
lightweight processing core (pts-core) with each benchmark consisting of an
XML-based profile with related resource scripts. The process from the benchmark
installation, to the actual benchmarking, to the parsing of important hardware
and software components is heavily automated and completely repeatable, asking
users only for confirmation of actions.

Version: 10.8.4

General Commands

phoronix-test-suite The Phoronix Test Suite is an extensible open-source platform for performing testing and performance evaluation.