Package pgp-tools

Collection of several utilities related to OpenPGP

This is a collection of several projects relating to OpenPGP.

* caff: CAcr - Fire and Forget signs and mails a key
* pgp-clean: removes all non-self signatures from key
* pgp-fixkey: removes broken packets from keys
* gpg-mailkeys: simply mail out a signed key to its owner
* gpg-key2ps: generate PostScript file with fingerprint paper strips
* gpgdir: recursive directory encryption tool
* gpglist: show who signed which of your UIDs
* gpgsigs: annotates list of GnuPG keys with already done signatures
* keylookup: ncurses wrapper around gpg --search
* gpgparticipants: create list of party participants for the organiser
* gpgwrap: a passphrase wrapper
* keyanalyze: minimum signing distance (MSD) analysis on keyrings
* sig2dot: converts a list of GnuPG signatures to a .dot file
* springgraph: creates a graph from a .dot file

In other distributions this package is called 'signing-party':
General Commands
Command Description
caff Fire and Forget
gpgdir recursive directory encryption with GnuPG
gpg-key2latex Generate a LaTeX file for fingerprint slips.
gpg-key2ps generates a PS file from a GnuPG keyring
gpglist show who signed which of your UIDs
gpg-mailkeys sends emails containing keys to their owners
gpgparticipants generate paper list for keysigning party
gpgparticipants-prefill insert checksum-digits in a gpgparticicpants' form
gpgsigs annotate list of GnuPG keys with already done signatures
gpgwrap a small wrapper for gpg
keyanalyze Web of Trust analysis
keyart Create ASCII art of an OpenPGP key.
keylookup Fetch and Import GnuPG keys from keyservers.
pgp-clean remove all non-self signatures from key
pgp-fixkey remove broken packets from keys
process_keys Web of Trust analysis
sig2dot creates a .dot file from a GPG signature listing
springgraph renders a graph from a .dot file