Package pg_wrapper

wrapper for PostgreSQL client commands

General Commands

pg_buildext Build and install a PostgreSQL extension
pg_conftool read and edit PostgreSQL cluster configuration files
pg_createcluster create a new PostgreSQL cluster
pg_ctlcluster start/stop/restart/reload a PostgreSQL cluster
pg_dropcluster completely delete a PostgreSQL cluster
pg_lsclusters show information about all PostgreSQL clusters
pg_renamecluster rename a PostgreSQL cluster
pg_upgradecluster upgrade an existing PostgreSQL cluster to a new major version.
pg_virtualenv Create a throw-away PostgreSQL environment for running regression tests
pg_wrapper wrapper for PostgreSQL client commands

File Formats

postgresqlrc Per-user PostgreSQL cluster configuration
user_clusters File linking users to PostgreSQL clusters

System Administration

pg_updatedicts build PostgreSQL dictionaries from myspell/hunspell ones