Package pfscalibration

Scripts and programs for photometric calibration

PFScalibration package provides an implementation of the Robertson et al. 2003
method for the photometric calibration of cameras, Mitsunaga and Nayar's
algorithm "Radiometric Self Calibration", and for the recovery of high dynamic
range (HDR) images from the set of low dynamic range (LDR) exposures.

General Commands
Command Description
dcraw2hdrgen Parse information in given Digital Camera RAW files and output a hdrgen script...
jpeg2hdrgen Parse EXIF information in given JPEG files and output a hdrgen script for...
pfshdrcalibrate Create an HDR image or calibrate a response curve from a set of differently...
pfsinhdrgen Create a pfs stream with different exposures defined by hdrgen script.
pfsinme Read image files containing multiple exposures to be merged into an HDR image
pfsplotresponse Plot camera response curve using Gnuplot