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Package perl-Tk

Perl Graphical User Interface ToolKit


This a re-port of a perl interface to Tk8.4.
C code is derived from Tcl/Tk8.4.5.
It also includes all the C code parts of Tix8.1.4 from SourceForge.
The perl code corresponding to Tix's Tcl code is not fully implemented.

Perl API is essentially the same as Tk800 series Tk800.025 but has not
been verified as compliant. There ARE differences see pod/804delta.pod.

Version: 804.036

See also: perl-Tk-GraphViz, perl-Tk-ObjScanner, perl-Tk-Pod.

General Commands

ptked an editor in Perl/Tk
ptksh Perl/Tk script to provide a graphical user interface for testing Perl/Tk commands and scripts.
tkjpeg simple JPEG viewer using perl/Tk