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Package perl-Text-RecordParser

Read record-oriented files


This module is for reading record-oriented data in a delimited text file.
The most common example have records separated by newlines and fields
separated by commas or tabs, but this module aims to provide a consistent
interface for handling sequential records in a file however they may be
delimited. Typically this data lists the fields in the first line of the
file, in which case you should call bind_header to bind the field name (or
not, and it will be called implicitly). If the first line contains data,
you can still bind your own field names via bind_fields. Either way, you
can then use many methods to get at the data as arrays or hashes.

Version: 1.6.5

General Commands

tab2graph turn tabular data into a graph
tablify turn a delimited text file into a text table
tabmerge unify delimited files on common fields