Package perl-Text-BibTeX

Interface to read and parse BibTeX files

The Text::BibTeX module processes BibTeX data. It includes object-oriented
interfaces to both BibTeX database files and individual bibliographic
entries, as well as other miscellaneous functions.

General Commands
Command Description
bt_format_names formatting BibTeX names for consistent output
bt_input input/parsing functions in btparse library
bt_language the BibTeX data language, as recognized by btparse
bt_macros accessing and manipulating the btparse macro table
bt_misc miscellaneous BibTeX-like string-processing utilities
btool_faq Frequently-Asked Questions about btparse and Text::BibTeX
btparse C library for parsing and processing BibTeX data files
bt_postprocess post-processing of BibTeX strings, values, and entries
bt_post_processing post-processing of BibTeX strings, values, and entries
bt_split_names splitting up BibTeX names and lists of names
bt_traversal AST traversal/query functions in btparse library